Schneider Electric AvatarOn Switches

A home reflects the personality of its owner. When it comes to home deco, personalization is key. That’s what the AvatarOn is all about.

Switch to an Art with AvatarOn

An extensive range of AvatarOn switches are available in an array of replaceable covers for full customization and integration to any home decor. AvatarOn allows you to have the flexibility to personalize your switches and change it anytime you want, just like the changes in your colorful life. Unique, patented technology and exquisite manufacturing ensure comfortable operation, and the easy-mount design allows you to change the faceplates as quickly and easily as you wish. Now, you can blend in your ideas to your space and turn it into a piece of art!

AvatarOn Series: Art in Your Home

From form to function, the AvatarOn series exemplifies Schneider Electric’s unique design concept of customization and personalization for your lifestyle.

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